EMV (Chip Card) Program Management

For a large client – Stood up the ability to manufacture, personalize, migrate customers and process orders through the warehouse for EMV / Chip Cards

  • Developed and implemented a pilot program enabling personalizing of EMV credit, debit and re-loadable gift cards. Upon successful proof of concept and initial release of the product, expanded the program to include capacity and redundancy across two plants to include chip encoding of Java, Multos and Native chip cards for use in Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover products.
  • Designed and implemented operational process improvements to the client migration, setup, testing and certification.
  • Defined enhancements to the ERP systems and card production processes as EMV knowledge evolved improving delivery times to end clients.
  • Worked with hardware and software vendors around EMV script and profile development enabling chip encoding utilizing various EMV card manufacturers’ products.
  • Evaluated milling & embedding equipment enabling the ability to supplement capacity as chip card suppliers card availability was extending delivery of card production to clients.
  • Worked with clients (pre and post sales) to develop migration plans for conversion of mag-stripe to chip card production, card profile standardization & tag selection, implementation cadence and capacity plans for processor customers.
  • Planning and scheduling of certification activities for customers card program with card associations and processing system providers.
  • Setup multi-site HSM, key management procedures and record keeping
  • Responsible for the definition and development of requirements and test plans for the consolidation of two disparate systems for processing and personalization of credit, debit, prepaid and EMV cards and the fulfillment and tracking of customer orders.

For more information on Chip Cards, See Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia